Sunday, June 15, 2008

Champagne Taste

What to wear to that wedding next week?  I ask this from a purely personal standpoint, since my nephew is getting married on the 29th of June, and I have to make an appearance.  Family things can be touchy, since everyone has something to say about every body's outfits.  And I'm the only one ever wearing a hat anywhere in my family group.  Now that all the mags are showing hats, my sister-in-law wants to wear one, so I may not be alone in my exotica.  At the last wedding I wore a small, lace encrusted pillbox, with a chou of tulle, and a gold lame rose.........this time I'm thinking color.  The dress I have chosen is a Catherine Malandrino turquoise silk chiffon, and I want to wear something coral with it.  Or brick, caramel, in that family.  It's not the color, it's the style.........usually my style has to do with geometry, height, dimension......not so close to the head.  More 1940's than 1930's, so I want to come up with something ribbon-y, with veiling.  The dress has a lace edge on the hem, and is a trapeze style I can belt, if I'm feeling svelte that day, so it's not my penchant to do the matchy-matchy thing and go for the lace.  Ribbons, draped like a chinese chrysanthemum on a disk, very Andrews Sisters, like a pompadour hairdo from the WWII era would be more me.
The problem with that is I don't have earrings to go with an outfit like that.  
Usually I do a monochromatic blend of tone on tone, and marry it all up somehow.  But color is screaming to happen here.......after all, the wedding is in San Juan, and believe me, they're not afraid of color down there.  It's bad enough I've chosen a cocktail dress, and not a gown.  
A sculpted straw might be in order, in a cocktail version, in rasberry, maybe.
The joy of being a milliner is that I get to indulge my hat passion and try lots of different things........and believe me, I change my hat every single day...............

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