Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lime Rickey

When I lived in Boston for design school duty, a wonderful beverage came to my attention in the summer months:  lime , rasberry syrup,, and you got yourself a refreshing, satisfying, down-the-hatch summer drink.  Virgin, that is.  Now that I'm a big girl, and can legally partake of the Devil's brew from time to time I add creme de cassis instead of the rasberry syrup, and fool myself into thinking it's a no-cal kind of deal.  Just as refreshing, but you can't drive while imbibing, so errands are out.  
That's how I feel about Panama hats.  Some segue, right? They cool and refresh, and somehow block enough of the sun, or deflect it, to create a little breeze around your head.  Old movies testify to the fact that in the tropics, everybody wears a hat........I forgot, they all wore hats no matter what, no matter where.  Back to the heat, though: the top of your head is more susceptible to heat because of the mere fact that the sun is beating down on it.  Bald people know this fact.  Sunburn is inevitable, so add a hat to your daily mix in the summer, and give it a whirl.  Start with an unassuming little panama, not a huge South-of-France wide brim, just a little panama.  Make it your friend, get it wet, let it have some fun outside, on your head.  
when people ask me where they can wear a hat, I tell them all the same thing: on your head.

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