Saturday, June 28, 2008

Floppy Brim

Why do stylists love the floppy brimmed hat so very much?  When customers come in to try them on, they are usually overwhelmed with the flop, and can't figure out what to do with the hat, so I ask myself, why do stylists love it so?
Art and form enter into each shoot with the photographer, shape providing the elemental geometry, and light producing the effect.  It's the stylists' eye that adds the note of whimsy so often seen in fashion editorials.  The product, and here I mean the hat, is used as an object, seen as accessory, and not, at the same time.  There's no need to have the hat function as a recognizable silhouette. It's much more creative to adapt the look of the shoot by manipulating the accessories, and have them work as artist devices within the context of the ensemble, and the photograph.
When you see a hat on the runway, or in a magazine, expect the unexpected.  Allow your own imagination to capture the image of the hat and place it in a different context. Can I repeat that, please?  Let your imagination place the hat on your own head, and play with the idea of maybe trying it on, letting it sit for a moment, absorbing the image.
It's all about imagination, kids.
Brigitte Bardo, or BB, as she is known in France, luxuriated in her abundant hair, usually not hidden by a hat.  In some films, she's with a scarf, or a headband, but not usually in a hat.  Catherine Deneuve and Faye Dunaway wore lots of them.  This shot of BB is atypical, but works to capture the imagination.  How would I look in that hat?  You may ask yourself, but think of this:  the photographer placed that hat on her head just so, for the shot, and the brim may have been trimmed a bit for the shot, and so on, and so on............
This is why we do custom work, because every face is different.

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