Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Scaling the Heights

Dior Fall 2008 introduces the height of fashion: the 1970's silhouette in hats. Placed high on the head, it's a notable line, much interpreted by Mr. Phillip Treacy. the Dior hats are set atop very large hairdos, so the Sharon Tate factor is in evidence. And with the Broaway arrival of Gina Gershon in "Boeing, Boeing", hotties will abound this Fall. The stewardess hats popular in the 1960's, designed then by Pierre Cardin, have little domes, and peaks in the front, a reminder of the much maligned baseball cap. Since the riding cap has had a resurgence on pages of popular fashion magazines, the stewardess cap may just be the next hot ticket once cooler weather comes around.
The Valley of the Dolls , or Stepford Wives hairdo of the late 1960's -1970's required a hat that would sit atop the mass of curls, or teased assemblage. The final look harked back to Marie Antoinette , or stretching the point a bit, to the 1940's perchy Doll's Hats made popular by Schiaparelli.
So it's time to learn how to wear a different hat, girls.

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