Friday, June 27, 2008


There are headpieces,and there are headpieces.  Sylvia Tosun is one of our performing customers, with a serious following of club fanatics, and she loves her headpieces.  She and I are of a it up, do it big, and do it right.  I actually have a coterie of gorgeous damsels who think the same thought every time they see a feather in my shop.
Sylvia will be singing her Venus' heart out at the Pier Dance, for Pride Day in Chelsea this Sunday, and she'll be wearing a sparkly concoction on her head, designed especially for her gown, and the venue.  Last year, she wore a huge 1920's headdress from us, that had another life in a cabaret back in the roaring, flapping, highstepping era.  Very High Priestess, she was, in her glorious moment.  This year, our lovely Sylvia will be Venus rising from the river, surprise, surprise.
Head pieces are becoming more of a thing seen in all walks of the social register.  As fascinators, they show up at weddings.  As show girl toppers, they were on Katie Lee and Hoda yesterday on the Today Show.  Hair accessories are not headpieces, by the way.  If you're wearing a Harry Winston diamante bauble on your tresses, I'll concede.  If it's from Rite-Aid, not on your life.  A head piece can blend in with the hairdo, or it can take the hairdo to new heights.  Wear them and flaunt them, and be proud, girls.  don't let the boys have all the fun this weekend in Chelsea!

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