Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pin Up Girls Wear Hats

Given the latest trend in hats for guests to wear to weddings, the Fascinator, and given the swing dance retro craze, with little perchy cocktail hats the hat of choice, it should be safe to say that the younger generation is embracing the hat. Hat as hair ornament, hat as small accessory, hat as complimentary addition to their wardrobe, none the less, it's a hat on those heads out there.
Designers like Tracy Reese and Catharine Malandrino make the perfect summer function dresses, and their customers come to Ellen Christine Millinery with dresses in tow, to choose headwear for their outfits. We're used to the more mature customer having a hat made for their ensembles, but these new young pin up queens are racing for the perfect feather , flower, veil combo. This, for evening weddings, and with an eye to a future New Years Eve date, as well.
Vintage is a trickle down effect, with old movies supplying the grist of reference, and the West Coast creating a wave of reacion that East Coast girls can no longer ignore. With Paris Hilton showing up wearing a feathered something on her head, the young ladies of the world want to mimic that Hollywood glow, and are getting with it. No longer just the thing at swing band contests, or antique car rallies, hats are seeping into the fabric of popular culture.
Slowly but surely, we'll bring the hat back to it's rightful place: at the top, right where the head is.

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