Monday, June 2, 2008

Indy Rules!

This weekend the female population of the country dragged their uninterested boyfriends to see Carrie and her cohorts cavort across the big screen, and beat out Indiana Jones in the ratings.  Matt Bauer on the Today show said they all entered with a ticket for SITC, then snuck down the hall to see Indy.  Wearing their fedoras no doubt.  If anyone noticed the empty seats in the theater, that's were they all were no doubt.  
I didn't feel the burning need to see Carrie et al, in spite of Mr. Big, at least not right away. Archeology beats fashion on my list of things to oggle , especially if the archeology has Harrison Ford on the dig.  Fashion is there, is always there, and although I'm interested in the pieces Patricia Field has put together for her leading ladies, they're not  as compelling for me as,say,  the costume designs for Elizabeth.  As in Queen Elizabeth, pick any movie.  
The June issue of Vogue gave us the preview of the movie, and somehow, for me, that was the taste I needed to carry on (pardon the pun) for a little while longer.  And then, we got the hat to smooth our way down the pink carpet.  Sarah Jessica Parker has unending good taste when choosing her red carpet outfits.  For the opening  of  Sex in the City in London Miss Parker had the vision to order a hat from Phillip Treacy, presumably one week before the event, and wowed the world press with the creation.  Weeks later, the image of that creation is still in the minds of the general public.  And in the hearts of all milliners everywhere! Go SJP!  Thank you, Mr. Treacy.
After that, how can the movie live up to it's own reputation?  Is there a gorgeous green cocktail hat in every scene?  Are there hats?  Are there people in hats?
I'm not biased, oh, no, dear folk.  I just love hats.  Indy gave me what I needed, what can I say?

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