Saturday, June 7, 2008

Island in the Sun

First time off the ferry to Governor's Island, and I want to move in. Gorgeous buildings, all open for tours, ancient trees, pathways for bicycles, areas for picnics, lolling about, strolling.  It's been three years since it's been open to the public, and now, we can all go and have it as our own back yard. 
Close your eyes and listen:  the orchestra playing, while the city across the water swelters.....the orchestra playing, crowds of happy people dancing to the music of the 1920's.  The crowds, often noisy in the city, murmur in a symbiotic stream, one with the ancient trees, calm.
Hats bob on the dancefloor, in the center of a grove of trees, some vintage, some vintage looking, some just sun protection. Gentlemen in two-toned shoes and wide legged pants Charleston with their skirted partners, hats on them all.
It's hat heaven.  Wotta day.......and more to come tomorrow.  I can't wait!

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