Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Man On The Street

Let me explain: not man, the mammal,in particular, but the common man, the everyday man, John and Jane Doe, chosen at random, will have opinions.  Point a camera and Sarah Bernhardt can emerge.....or not.  Maybe John Barrymore. The basis of this pointing the camera stuff is to help each other loosen up, communicate in another medium, as per Marshall McLuhan, and broaden each other's scope of reference.  So, by sallying forth with camera in tow, and at that, an unassuming camera, inocuous in it's own right, we are directing our message.  The medium, so to speak, is a hat.  The opinions are those of the general public, some fashionistas, some average Joes and Jills.  The hats are by Ellen Christine Millinery.  By using a "normal" silhouette, in this case, a fedora, and seeking verbal expression about a 3-D object, we're creating a non-confrontational environment where the tryer-on can see himself/herself in a different light.
But wait....what will happen when we introduce a non-normal silhouette, perhaps a feathered concoction that allows a momentary splicing of personality, an escape from the everyday reality, a glimpse into another side of the tryer-on. You'll have to tune in another day to see ...we'll upload at random, unedited, with glee.
It's pedantic, I know, but then art can be that way.  If you see the girls in the street, and they ask you to try a hat on, please let them.......there's no selling here, this isn't a ploy.  It's an experiment, just a way to hear what people have to say.  

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